4 Ways To Digitally Dominate Your Closest Competitor
15 Feb 21

You have decided to go digital. Good. You want to be better than the other guys. Good. But how do you do that? All things being equal, how do you become a digital marketing-centric brand and be the better choice for people who, for example, have to choose between you and your closest “rival” online?

Have the better website
Websites are now playing a central role in a company’s brand-building effort. It is not just a place for blogs or company profiles. Today, it is at the center of any omnichannel marketing strategy. This means you need to give extra attention to your website as people are looking up brands more online now.

Aesthetics is one of the easiest to improve for websites. You need to make sure that your online storefront is visually attractive and is comparable or better than your competitor’s. But don’t stop on a pretty website. Make sure that its user experience is as good as it looks. Web design is more about understanding your audience rather than applying a trendy web page look. It must be easy to get to your offers and it must allow for easy interaction with users. A nice looking website plus second-to-none UX can lead to better conversions over time.

A “good” website also means responsiveness over mobile devices. It should look awesome both on desktop and mobile. It is even better today to design the pages through a “mobilefirst” approach as more people access online pages using their phones.

When your website is up and live, you have to optimise it so that it ranks well for search engines. The better your search engine optimisation (SEO), the better your website performs in searches.

Be everywhere
The debate of which is better for your business, social media or good websites is over. We say it’s both and a whole lot of things mixed in there as well. You need to be everywhere to reach your audience through different contexts, improving your chances of getting their attention. It is great that you have a good website, but it’s better if the social media handles in your website open to very active social profiles as well. It is only through this that your audience can get a different “taste” of who you are, what you do and what you sell.

But don’t stop there. Get into email marketing as well and nurture a relationship with your prospective customers. Get into podcasting and allow people to listen in to the value you can provide for them. Get into different media, over different platforms. Make it easy for people to connect with you and consume your content when and where they are comfortable.

The ultimate goal is clarity
Being everywhere – email, social media, web, podcast, and more is only half the story. The other half is the clarity of your message. You need to zero in on your brand voice, tone, brand identity, and most importantly, your message. Who are you? What can you do for people? what are you good at? What makes you the better option? These questions need to be answered clearly across all your online outlets, on each content that you publish, on every product that you sell.

Being “everywhere” minus the clarity will only make your audience confuse and this can lead to missed opportunities to build trust, relationships and worst yet, close a sale. Clarity is also about consistency, using set keywords, deciding to develop copies for set audience personas,
use the same hashtags over social posts – just a general alignment of what you put out online and the manner you do that.

Be the easiest to deal with
A better website, visibility, accessibility, and clarity of message would be nothing if you come across as a brand that is hard to deal with. This could be as simple as a missing call to action (CTA) button for people to click after an awesome copy in your web banner. It could be as simple as a confusing chatbot flow, or even a disjointed email prompt after a freebie download.

Crushing it in digital is after all, about convenience. There must be certain ease, a seamless flow across online content and platforms down to client onboarding and online meetings.

Even if you and your competitor are locked head to head in a tight match between your websites, messaging, and social engagement, the clincher will be how easy it is to work with you.