6 Surefire LinkedIn Marketing Actions You Can Do Today
Rebecca McIntyre
Head of Operations
14 Jul 20

LinkedIn has become a very good place to publish content and build up social engagement. The platform is proving to be ideal for learning and expertise-sharing. The talk has always been about Facebook and Instagram and so very few understand how LinkedIn can work for businesses, personal brands and thought leaders. We have here six effective LinkedIn marketing actions you can start doing today.

Be clear with your purpose

You want to understand the goals of your LinkedIn marketing. Do you want more leads? Do you want more engagement on your posts? Do you want to build your personal brand and get more peers in the industry following you? You can tailor your actions based on your goals.

If you want to strengthen your personal brand, you can write more articles about your experiences. You can start asking for recommendations and you can also help others by endorsing their listed skills. These simple actions when done consistently can help you build credibility on the platform. 

Know your audience

Social media marketing is all about knowing your audience very well. You can start by understanding your audience’s demographics, seniority and/or industry. 

When you grasp the details of your purpose and audience, you can plot out your content plan and get your context right based on who you want to reach on LinkedIn. 

Get your profile and cover photos right

You need to make sure you have the right profile and cover photo for your account. For personal accounts, the profile photo needs to be professional-looking, high quality and with no sexual appeal. 

For company pages, the logo must be sized correctly so that it can be seen clearly inside the profile photo space. Spacing and proportion are important. 

For the cover photo, it must represent what you do very well. Highlighting company taglines or phrases that deliver high-impact messaging can be inserted in the image. You can also tell a simple, easy-to-understand graphical message in your cover photo. This can help people know what you are about the first time they see your profile. 

Your headline matters

Headlines need to clearly articulate what the account is all about. It can be a straightforward presentation of professional capabilities or a statement that clearly describes the value proposition of your brand.

Consider your goals and audience when writing your headline. This will allow you to align everything, giving people a clear idea of what you are and how you can help people. With a well-planned content plan supporting this, you can be sure to attract people to your account and grow your followers over time. 

Many simply go for a list of their expertise while some go for phrases that summarize what they do for clients. Regardless of your approach, the headline can make or break your LinkedIn marketing success so craft it with care. 

Multiple Account Distribution

One of the most successful approaches we see in LinkedIn marketing is pushing for multiple account distribution. This means we want to make use of LinkedIn company pages and personal LI accounts together to push content out. 

This approach allows for better, deeper coverage. Company pages can push for official updates and news while personal accounts can push for message-centric long-form posts, articles, and content “shares” that are considered relevant to your content strategy. 

Personal accounts are also good for sending messages to the LinkedIn community, interact with LinkedIn groups and comment and engage the posts and content of other people in the community. 

This approach allows for synergy between two to three different accounts acting together to increase attention and engagement.

A content plan is necessary

To best run the multiple account distribution approach, we need to have a content plan for the LinkedIn company page and all of the associated personal accounts. This will allow for more dynamic roll-out of content by providing different contexts and “angle of attack” of topics you want to push out to the platform.

A content plan allows for a centralised view of every piece of content that can be published but from different accounts. This means you can coordinate everything that gets consumed by your audience.  

For example, your LinkedIn company page can announce your anniversary promo through a simple graphics post while the lead LinkedIn personal account can share a long-form post of your early beginnings as a company and the secondary personal LinkedIn account can share a video podcast of the secrets to your success as a business. These three content pieces can engage your audience differently, giving you more opportunities for engagement. 

There you have it! These actions can be done quickly with almost no cost but can give you very good results in growing your influence on the LinkedIn platform. Start assessing your accounts, plan out the content you want to publish and understand how all these can contribute to your goals in LinkedIn.