Building A Powerhouse Coaching Brand From Scratch
Ikeen Torres
Head of Strategy
15 Feb 21

“BoomNow got me into a path that’s not only effective for content delivery but also very strategic, driven by the very goals that I have always envisooned for The AntiFragile Method.”

– Jacob Aldridge

Jacob Aldridge, the man behind The AntiFragile Method (TAM) wanted to push his content online and run some courses for his audience. We were impressed and inspired by his message that we wanted to help him consolidate his brand and build a powerful online presence. TAM has relevant and timely lessons for the world today.

What we did for Jacob and The AntiFragile Method?

  • We had to consolidate his brand first so he can leverage on his existing online presence. We connected the dots of his talk points, we prioritized audience build-up. We want to build on his previous success and then take him to greater heights as he launches The AntiFragile Method (TAM).
  • We built a strategy around his content and message, his courses, his plans around publishing books, realizing his TAM Coach Certification Program, and running live events. We made sure we understood where he is going and then we plotted out how he’s gonna get there.
  • As we gained more understanding about him and his TAM content, we started to visualize his brand, set his voice and other granular details around his digital identity.
  • We started to record, create and document his content – videos, blogs, podcasts and etc. while making sure we understood where each piece is going and how we can publish it with maximum impact.
  • We planned out and executed his first online event, tapping into social media advertising, email marketing, and using online technologies to deliver the learning he is so eager to deliver to his audience.

Jacob is sitting on a $20 billion industry and according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the industry is the second fastest-growing sector in the world. The opportunity is there for Jacob and other business coaches like him but most of them have no idea where to start. One of the most common reasons why coaches fail is that they don’t know how to market themselves. There are just not a lot of people that know about them and what they have to offer. Much to the demise of the many very talented coaches all over the world.

Are you having a hard time starting your own coaching business? Do you feel your message can easily be drowned out by the noise in the coaching industry? BoomNow can help you sharpen that message, find opportunities where you can shine best, and build an online platform for you to monetize on your audience. The journey is long and the path to success takes a lot of grit but our team can make all of that “build” worthwhile.

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