Hudson Financial Planning: Transitioning For The Future
Ikeen Torres
Head of Strategy
15 Feb 21

“We needed to cross over to the future but we had no idea where to start. BoomNow showed us a way for Hudson to capitalise on its experience and expertise while tapping into the power of digital marketing”

– Matthew Paul

Hudson Financial Planning is a highly regarded financial planning company in Brisbane. While its network is solid and its team of financial advisers are considered to be some of the best in the industry, Hudson is missing something – an effective digital presence. This is why they came to us and consulted how we can get their “traditional” business into the digital plane. They wanted a website that will power up their business for 2021 and get them ready to compete in the online arena. We obliged and this is what we did for them.

  • We initiated a discovery meeting with the Hudson group to understand their goals for the new website. They wanted to make it look modern with much improved aesthetics. We on the other hand re-imagined their website and made sure we understood their offers, their value proposition and the strengths of their company.
  • At BoomNow we use a three-stage process for web development. First we create a wireframe to prototype the flow of the website. At this stage, the User Experience is the priority. As the Hudson team approved the prototype, our web graphics team went to work to create a mock-up for each stage, this time, we want to show to the client how the website would look like. We proceeded to website development as Hudson signed off on the mockups.
  • With everything aligned with where Hudson is going and making sure the user experience is sound, we started to build up the web copy to effectively communicate how Hudson can help people in need of much needed financial advise.

For the past two decades, the Australian financial planning sector has been one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It is worth AUD 4.6 billion with AUD 4 trillion in funds under management. With 25,000 financial planners in Australia, Hudson needs to adapt to the digitalisation trend so that they can reach more clients than they could ever possibly do in the past. So how ripe is the times for Hudson? 2.6 million Australians took financial advice in 2017. Now, one in five Australians seek financial advice and 48% of them say they their advice needs are not tended to. That’s opportunity knocking – hard.

It does not really matter if you have been a “traditional” business for the longest time as long as you are now willing to adapt and move towards getting your business into the digital. The best time for your business to transition is now. It is never too late but when you see the need and the opportunity to go all-out online, do it with urgency. We are glad that Hudson Financial Planning saw this urgency as well.

Are you planning to go digital but just don’t know where to start? Let’s explore the possibilities for your business. Click here.