Tom Freer: Making A Difference Through Thought Leadership
Ikeen Torres
Head of Strategy
15 Feb 21

“I just knew I need to break through in social media and build a consistent distribution channel for my content – and BoomNow helped me steer into a direction where social content is not only good and effective, it is also light and turn-key for me.”

– Tom Freer

Tom Freer is the man behind one of Brisbane’s most promising IT Management Companies, Wyntec. With Wyntec speeding towards the future, Tom wanted to touch base with business owners, people like him who are constantly finding ways to align the future of their companies with technology without sacrificing people nor neglecting sound processes. This was the motivation behind the Tom Freer personal brand, a thought leader in Digital Transformation, entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

What we did for Tom and his personal brand?

  • We had to clarify his message and who is it for. We built a strategy around the digital transformation conversation and wrap it around the context of entrepreneurship and Information Technology.
  • As the foundation of his personal brand was built, we started creating a content plan around his key talk points – Information Technology, entrepreneurship and transformation of businesses into the digital age.
  • We built up his omnichannel marketing framework by building his website, social media accounts, podcast accounts on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor and etc. This allowed Tom to get his content out in different media and platforms.
  • We executed his content plan and maximised engagement by observing which is getting the most traction. This led us to grow his podcast audience and allowed us to focus his efforts in doing more of that where his audience responds to him very well.

The Tom Freer brand hit the sweet spot in the IT-entrepreneur sphere. He talks about cybersecurity which according to Cyber Defense Magazine, is costing companies $5 trillion in 2020 alone in cyber damage. Tom also dives into 5G technology and cloud computing, two of the most trending IT conversations today. Tom’s personal brand is proof that carving your niche in today’s very crowded thought leadership arena is still very possible.

Do you feel you are too late to get into the game? At BoomNow we always believe that you are always right on time and the only possible “failure” is failing to try it. While you may not have original content and may not be as fluent, cool or flashy than the other guy, what you say will still matter to the right people. And so we believe in building a personal brand around a compelling message that hinges on what you are good at, what you are passionate about.

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