Digital Marketing Actions In 2020 That Will Get You Crushing In 2021
Rebecca McIntyre
Head of Operations
30 Jun 20

2020 has been, and is, a tough year for businesses and consumers alike. The lockdown, the economic slowdown, the diminished purchasing power, the uncertainties – all these contributed to the fear that is driving the often rushed and reactive marketing decisions of many companies today. We have listed here 4 things that you can do instead to improve your position when things go back to normal (“new normal”).

Don’t Stop

Whatever you are doing – paid ads over different social platforms, the content you produce every day, the social media posting, everything you are doing to keep your online marketing alive – don’s stop it.

Remember, your physical storefront is no more. The way you do business in the past is no longer applicable. What exists now? Mobile devices, connectivity, social media, and people who are mostly at home.

This spells a huge opportunity for businesses to engage their market online. This is also a very good reason to strengthen their online presence. Keep on sharing graphics and videos, keep on writing and publishing blogs, keep on producing podcasts. Do whatever you can to be “felt” online, and get the attention of people online.

Improve Where It Matters!

Where are you lacking in your overall digital presence? Improve there! Are you inconsistent with social media posts? Create a solid, well-curated social media planner and put out valuable content every day. Do you have a dated website? Get it redesigned. Re-imagine it for easy online transactions.

Perform an audit of your digital presence. You can even ask a digital marketing agency to do that for you. Run a SEO audit of your corporate website. Check the performance of your social media accounts. Check the quality of your leads and the content where they are filtered through.

When you know where you are lacking, you will know where to be better. Now you can align your marketing priorities better as well in the midst of this pandemic. You know where you can allocate your resources best to get results.

Don’t go in blind. Remember, the slowdown of the economy might go on longer. Make each marketing dollar count.

Learn And Then Learn Some More

Too much time on your plate? Learn new things! Tip: Know about your competitors and your target market! Understand what they are doing, and how you can better initiate action on your end towards them. Build up momentum and get ready to get into offence when the time is right.

You can also learn more about applicable technologies that you can use to improve how you do business. Study best practices in your industry, turn your processes upside down and seek to optimize it. Learn as much as you can and initiate change where it is needed.

The economy will bounce back. In time, the world will recover. Position your business to get the most out of the recovery period!

Think Ahead

Stop thinking short-term. Yes, there is economic slowdown. Yes, you might need to slow down production or you might need to expect lower sales. But do not dwell on these temporary, short-term trends. This will change over time and you need to be thinking ahead towards that.

Think strategy. Go through your business and see where you can position your business best when things get better. Understand the big things you need to change about how you make your money, or how you convert your leads. Improve your customer contact points so that it fits to the new reality of your business. Think bigger, farther, deeper.

Now is not the time to make superficial changes. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world and it will change it permanently and you need to fit right into that new picture, into that new normal.

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