How to Build Marketing Campaigns using Social Media Holidays
Rebecca McIntyre
Head of Operations
8 Mar 21

Holidays are always something to look forward to. They’re days you can take a break and spend time with your loved ones.

However, did you know that there are also “social media holidays” that look like they’re “just for fun”? As such, there are so many holidays you might have not heard of just yet. And while you might think that “Public Sleeping Day” or “World UFO Day” are insignificant, hardly believable, international holidays— there are ways to leverage them and input them into your marketing strategy to make your posts more fun and engaging. 

Posting on social media on holidays, even if they’re not national holidays can be an interesting way to make social media marketing campaigns more appealing to all sets of customer personas.

Before you continue, we have something for you.

We have free social media calendar templates that you can use. These will be great tools for you when scheduling all your future campaigns.

Download this template now so that you can create your holiday calendar and make your holiday content in advance. Social media marketing during holidays doesn’t have to be hard. Make organising it easier and hassle-free with this free template!

So, what’s a social media holiday?

A social media holiday is a special day that may be relevant to brands to run marketing promotions around.  

At first glance, they may just be bizarre and funny days to celebrate but they can be priceless sources of promotions for your business, product or services. They can connect with all types of people regardless of their background, passions, and identities. As such, if you incorporate social media marketing campaigns around holidays, you will be able to attract countless people.

Here are some ideas:

2 JanSaturdayBuffet Day
3 JanSundayFestival of Sleep Day
4 JanMondayTrivia Day
5 JanTuesdayBird Day
6 JanWednesdayBean Day
9 JanSaturdayWord Nerd Day
10 JanSundayCut Your Energy Costs Day
11 JanMondayClean Off Your Desk Day
13 JanWednesdayMake Your Dreams Come True Day
14 JanThursdayOrganize Your Home Day
17 JanSundayKid Inventors’ Day
17 JanSundayDitch New Year’s Resolution Day
19 JanTuesdayPopcorn Day
24 JanSundayCompliment Day
26 JanTuesdaySpouse’s Day
28 JanThursdayData Privacy Day
28 JanThursdayFun at Work Day
2 FebTuesdayPlay Your Ukulele Day
4 FebThursdayThank Your Mailman Day
5 FebFridayChocolate Fondue Day
6 FebSaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
7 FebSundaySend a Card to a Friend Day
8 FebMondayClean Out Your Computer Day
11 FebThursdayMake a Friend Day
12 FebFridayDarwin Day
13 FebSaturdayWorld Radio Day
14 FebSundayLibrary Lovers Day
16 FebTuesdayDo a Grouch a Favor Day
17 FebWednesdayRandom Act of Kindness Day
22 FebMondaySingle Tasking Day
22 FebMondayBe Humble Day
26 FebFridayTell a Fairy Tale Day
28 FebSundayPublic Sleeping Day
1 MarMondayWorld Compliment Day
1 MarMondayPlan a Solo Vacation Day
2 MarTuesdayOld Stuff Day
3 MarWednesdayI Want You to be Happy Day
18 MarThursdayAwkward Moments Day
19 MarFridayLet’s Laugh Day
20 MarSaturdayWorld Storytelling Day
20 MarSaturdayProposal Day
21 MarSundayCommon Courtesy Day
22 MarMondayInternational Goof Off Day
23 MarTuesdayPuppy Day
26 MarFridayMake Up Your Own Holiday Day
1 AprThursdayFun at Work Day
2 AprFridayWalk to Work Day
3 AprSaturdayWorld Party Day
13 AprTuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers Day
13 AprTuesdayScrabble Day
14 AprWednesdayInternational Moment of Laughter Day
16 AprFridayWear Pajamas to Work Day
17 AprSaturdayHaiku Poetry Day
18 AprSundayColumnist Day
23 AprFridayTake a Chance Day
23 AprFridayImpossible Astronaut Day
23 AprFridayLover’s Day
30 AprFridayHonesty Day
1 MaySaturdayFree Comic Book Day
4 MayTuesdayStar Wars Day
6 MayThursdayBeverage Day
7 MayFridayNo Pants Day
7 MayFridaySpace Day
18 MayTuesdayNo Dirty Dishes Day
22 MaySaturdayBuy a Musical Instrument Day
25 MayTuesdayTowel Day
27 MayThursdaySun Screen Day
28 MayFridayHamburger Day
31 MayMondayMacaroon Day
1 JunTuesdaySay Something Nice Day
2 JunWednesdayLeave the Office Early Day
7 JunMondayVCR Day
8 JunTuesdayBest Friends Day
15 JunTuesdayNature Photography Day
16 JunWednesdayBloomsday
17 JunThursdayEat Your Vegetables Day
18 JunFridayInternational Picnic Day
18 JunFridayInternational Panic Day
19 JunSaturdayWorld Juggling Day
19 JunSaturdaySauntering Day
21 JunMondayDaylight Appreciation Day
23 JunWednesdayTypewriter Day
24 JunThursdaySwim a Lap Day
25 JunFridayTake Your Dog to Work Day
25 JunFridayPlease Take my Children to Work Day
26 JunSaturdayChocolate Pudding Day
27 JunSundayHelen Keller Day
28 JunMondayTau Day
29 JunTuesdayCamera Day
30 JunWednesdayMeteor Watch Day
1 JulThursdayInternational Joke Day
2 JulFridayWorld UFO Day
3 JulSaturdayInternational Plastic Bag Free Day
5 JulMondayWorkaholics Day
6 JulTuesdayWorld Kissing Day
8 JulThursdayVideo Games Day
8 JulThursdayMath 2.0 Day
11 JulSundayCheer Up the Lonely Day
12 JulMondaySimplicity Day
17 JulSaturdayWorld Emoji Day
18 JulSundayInsurance Nerd Day
24 JulSaturdayCousins Day
25 JulSundayCulinarians Day
26 JulMondayUncle and Aunt Day
30 JulFridayNational Cheesecake Day
31 JulSaturdayUncommon Musical Instrument Day
1 AugSundayNational Girlfriend Day
1 AugSundaySisters’ Day
4 AugWednesdaySingle Working Women’s Day
5 AugThursdayWork Like a Dog Day
6 AugFridayFresh Breath Day
6 AugFridayInternational Beer Day
8 AugSundayHappiness Happens Day
9 AugMondayBook Lovers Day
10 AugTuesdayLazy Day
11 AugWednesdaySon and Daughter Day
12 AugThursdayMiddle Child Day
13 AugFridayLeft-Handers Day
15 AugSundayRelaxation Day
16 AugMondayTell a Joke Day
17 AugTuesdayThrift Shop Day
18 AugWednesdayMail Order Catalog Day
19 AugThursdayWorld Photo Day
24 AugTuesdayPluto Demoted Day
25 AugWednesdayKiss and Make up Day
26 AugThursdayDog Appreciation Day
31 AugTuesdayEat Outside Day
4 SepSaturdayEat an Extra Dessert Day
5 SepSundayBe Late for Something Day
5 SepSundayCheese Pizza Day
6 SepMondayFight Procrastination Day
6 SepMondayRead a Book Day
8 SepWednesdayPardon Day
9 SepThursdayTeddy Bear Day
13 SepMondayPositive Thinking Day
13 SepMondayRoald Dahl Day
17 SepFridayInternational Country Music Day
18 SepSaturdayNational CleanUp Day
24 SepFridayPunctuation Day
25 SepSaturdayComic Book Day
26 SepSundayLove Note Day
28 SepTuesdayGood Neighbor Day
1 OctFridayInternational Coffee Day
1 OctFridayWorld Smile Day
2 OctSaturdayCard Making Day
12 OctTuesdayAda Lovelace Day
13 OctWednesdayInternational Skeptics Day
18 OctMondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day
22 OctFridayCaps Lock Day
28 OctThursdayInternational Animation Day
29 OctFridayInternet Day
30 OctSaturdayCandy Corn Day
31 OctSundayMagic Day
1 NovMondayAuthor’s Day
4 NovThursdayCommon Sense Day
4 NovThursdayMen Make Dinner Day
4 NovThursdayInternational Stout Day
7 NovSundayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
8 NovMondayTongue Twister Day
12 NovFridayHappy Hour Day
13 NovSaturdayWorld Kindness Day
18 NovThursdayUse Less Stuff Day
20 NovSaturdayNational Absurdity Day
21 NovSundayWorld Hello Day
22 NovMondayGo For a Ride Day
23 NovTuesdayFibonacci Day
24 NovWednesdayCelebrate Your Unique Talent Day
25 NovThursdayShopping Reminder Day
26 NovFridayCake Day
26 NovFridayBuy Nothing Day
28 NovSundayRed Planet Day
29 NovMondayElectronic Greeting Card Day
30 NovTuesdayComputer Security Day
3 DecFridayMake a Gift Day
5 DecSundayDay of the Ninja
6 DecMondayPut on Your Own Shoes Day
6 DecMondayMicrowave Oven Day
7 DecTuesdayLetter Writing Day
8 DecWednesdayPretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
9 DecThursdayChristmas Card Day
10 DecFridayDewey Decimal System Day
17 DecFridayUgly Sweater Day
20 DecMondaySangria Day
27 DecMondayNo Interruptions Day
28 DecTuesdayCard Playing Day
30 DecThursdayBicarbonate of Soda Day
31 DecFridayMake Up Your Mind Day

Create Your Own Social Media Holiday with The National Day Calendar

If your product or service is not on any day listed here, you can check out more holidays over at the National Day Calendar. You will be able to see even more registered holidays at their site and even apply to create your own national holiday to use for your social media.

Working with Social Media Holidays for your Brand

It may seem easy to connect holidays to your brand. However, when choosing any holiday for your social media marketing campaign, it’s important to do your research first.

Why is the holiday celebrated and who will celebrate it?

You need to know all these things because you’re going to run a promotion on these days and post these holidays on social media. Secondly, figure out why the day is relevant to your products or services so you can authentically support them.

Are you ready?

We hope that we’ve given you some solid ideas as to how you can use national holidays for your social media marketing. Don’t limit your social media to normal national holidays such as Christmas, New Year or Boxing Day. Spice up your social media calendar with quirky holidays to add some uniqueness to your social media campaign strategies. But don’t forget your research and planning!