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Wyntec is a leading managed services provider in Brisbane. They are known for providing business solutions in IT and specialising in 24 hour support services.

The challenge
Wyntec approached BoonNow, as they didn’t’t have a solid brand identity and not knowing how to accurately display its value to its target market.
How we solved this was getting to roots by an extensive business and marketing audit and then creating a blueprint to develop content to meet the needs of their target market.

Wyntec Logo

An extensive workshop to understand the needs of Wyntec and to get a true understand of the problems the business solves for their clients as well as who is their target market.

Realigned Wyntec’s branding with their new voice and messaging around the business problems that it solves for their clients.

Developed content that was more in alignment with their new voice and targeted messaging that would reach the heart of the target market.

We simplified the Wyntec website and improved the user experience as well as focused on educating the target market on how to solve their problems.