How To Boost Your Marketing For The Holiday Season
Rebecca McIntyre
Head of Operations
22 Dec 20

The holidays are here, and it’s a great time to boost your marketing! The pandemic may have hit us hard, but it also presented a good opportunity for mobile marketing. Around 1.6 trillion hours were spent on mobile devices worldwide during the pandemic. Internet use has grown exponentially, and it seems like this trend will continue. The holidays are a good time to take advantage of all the increase in digital consumption and increase your sales.

Even prior to the holidays, e-commerce has reached an all-time high. The initial eight months after the breakout of the pandemic produced an online sales of $497 billion. And now that the holidays are here, the number will continue to surge as consumers will be looking into different platforms to search for holiday goodies. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your mobile marketing. Many consumers will be scrolling and reacting to social media posts. Utilise your mobile messaging platforms to reach out to your existing and new followers. You need to maximise the time and extend the reach of your brand to new areas of society. Here are some of our tips.

To spend or not to spend? 

Of course, now that there’s a surge in consumers, you might be thinking of leveraging paid media to make the most out of your holiday content. However, many marketing experts believe that you shouldn’t increase your marketing budget when the holidays begin as advertising prices can increase by up to five-fold during this period. Instead, you can opt to just match the marketing budget you have set for the rest of the year. 

Christmas Day is not the end of the holiday season

You’re not planning your holiday mobile marketing well if you let it end on Christmas day. Big stores will most probably dominate the Holiday season, so it’s going to be harder to penetrate the market during this time. However, if you’re a smaller brand, you can still add more customers during and after this period. Utilise a mobile messaging software and advertise any post-Holidays deals on Christmas Day.

Track your data

Data is power, and it’s extremely valuable for your future marketing endeavours. It will give you insights on how to build your brand during and after the holidays. On your website or mobile platform, add new fields to help you track data. Add coupon codes, mailing lists and other user data. This can help you personalise your marketing and allow you to be more accurate and precise with your future marketing plans. 

Be fun and creative with your holiday posts and materials

Spread some yuletide joy and allow your marketing materials to match the holiday season. Prepare holiday-themed content in advance so that you can take advantage of the most festive time of the year. A positive response to your holiday marketing strategy can be a huge boost most especially now that we’re still in a pandemic. Stand out from the crowd with some good vibes and warm wishes.

Show your audience some love by giving gifts or special offers

We’ve been through one of the worst crises in human history. You would have never even made it this far without the continued love and support of your audience. The holidays present you a good opportunity to give back and show your appreciation to those who stuck with you during the year. Offer gifts and special offers to your loyal customers and even new arrivals. This will also help you increase sales when you target customers effectively.