The Power of LinkedIn Marketing for Construction Companies
Rebecca McIntyre
Head of Operations
2 Feb 21

LinkedIn is more of an editorial and publishing platform compared to other social media sites. Since it is one of the most “professional” social media sites out there, LinkedIn offers great marketing potential for construction companies. You can share articles related to your business and stay updated with industry topics. You can even engage in conversation with other companies or potential clients. With more than 163 million users in the US alone, LinkedIn can be a good marketing platform for construction companies. 

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing for Construction Companies
  1. Start with your profile

Your profile is the landing page for your business.  Think of it as your “digital resume.” You want it to look good and impressive. Most users don’t understand just how well LinkedIn can highlight a company. As such, having a fully functional company page can be helpful to your potential clients. It can act as a resource for anyone interested in working with you or your company. Having a great profile picture can be a good start in building a professional page. You should also link your websites and relevant social media accounts so that visitors can check you out on other platforms. Be sure to complete your profile as close to 100% so that you can leverage all LinkedIn initiatives for your company. 

  1. Network with other people

Perhaps, LinkedIn is well-known for its networking opportunities. Whenever you read an article or blog post that you find inspiring, find them on LinkedIn. Whenever you meet someone in a business meeting, find them on LinkedIn, Whenever you reference someone on your research, find them on LinkedIn. It’s a good way to expand and improve your relationship with your contacts.

You can also network by joining groups relevant to your field and target market. This makes LinkedIn marketing better for construction companies as it makes it easier for people and businesses to interact with you. They can also quickly check out your page and get to know you. Joining LinkedIn groups will also be great for content curation. What are people talking about these days? Where is my business in all of this? It’s a way to ensure that you can keep creating relevant content. 

  1. Improve your brand Image

LinkedIn allows you to connect your employees’ personal profiles to your business page. You can use this to your advantage as you can create a web of contacts for visitors. Train your employees to act as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. Strive for consistency as LinkedIn marketing will work better that way for your construction company. Make sure that your brand image is carried through all of your posts as well as in the posts of your employees. This will make your content look more memorable and professional as a company. 

Aside from your employees, you can also gain endorsements from your colleagues, friends, and customers, so that you can improve your reputation and help prospective clients trust you to build a relationship with you. 

Are you ready?

Once you get the basics of marketing in this platform, LinkedIn carries a huge opportunity for construction companies like you. It’s easy to use and it provides lots of insights for your development as a brand and as a business.